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Swift and general programming topics, Agile software development, soft skills

Dependency Injection is one of the first techniques that every programmer should learn. Let’s look at how (and maybe why) it works in Swift

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Arguably, the most famous and, undoubtedly, a very important principle of software development management explained for programmers.

One Gang of Four’s piece that I still use in every project.

A few personal tips on how to keep your effectiveness through staying happy.

Yet another list of books about software development. Nine more gems for your read list inside!

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1. General Computer Literacy — How Networks Work

Introduction to Networking: How the Internet Works by Charles Severance

or Pictorial Overengineering

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print("Hello world!")

Notes about why new friends can sometimes become better than old ones.

How to write properly and make your posts look more attractive if you’re much more of programmer than professional blogger.

The most famous of the SOLID principles and how it can change your mind set.

Nikita Lazarev-Zubov

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